There’s been quite a bit of news in recent years about bullying.  No one likes a bully. Most people hide from them and do everything they can to avoid them.  Others fight back, which may end the problem.

The world is full of bullies.  In my opinion, Vladimir Putin is a bully, sending Russian military into the Ukraine.  Of course, I do not know all the particulars of the situation.  But, on the surface, it appears to be bullying.

Saddam Hussein was a bully.  Asad is a bully. 

It’s my observation that we here in America are being bullied on many fronts.  We’re being bullied by leaders who think they know best what’s good for our nation.  They pass laws and issue edicts that have no basis in common sense or in the will of the people.  They ignore their constituents.  Those leaders act more like kindergarteners than rational and mature adults. 

We’re being bullied by people who don’t like the laws that are passed by a majority of the people.  The opposing forces find a judge favorable to their position who rules the law unconstitutional.  The issue is then tied up in court for years.

We’re being bullied by those who want to throw out the moral standards that have stood the test of time for centuries.  Adherence to those standards has made America strong and great.  But we’re being bullied to accept the notion that America is the bully and the aggressor instead of the great benefactor.  If America was the bully, we would have wiped Japan and Germany “off the map,” so to speak, instead of helping them rebuild their countries and get a new start.  Our moral standards have been the foundation of America’s strength and freedoms which has made her the envy of people around the world.  Why else would people risk their lives and sometimes pay thousands of dollars to come here illegally?

We’re being bullied to accept the notion that other creatures and organisms are more important than the welfare of the human race, that we humans are the interlopers on the earth.  We are to be good stewards of the earth’s precious resources, the environment.  But we must strike a proper balance between conserving the environment and the care and welfare of people. 

These bullies are small in number, but loud and noisy.  America is being held hostage by them. The many are being ruled by the few.  And we walk in fear of them.  We’re afraid to say anything because we might offend someone.  We’re afraid to take a stand because we probably be challenged or taken to court. 

The bullies have changee the social and moral fabric of our nation, and now America is on a downhill slide.  She is on a slippery slope from which she may not recover.  If she continues down that slope, she will become like a lot of third-world countires(Is that a politically correct term?)—mass unemployment, poverty, social and political upheaval, violence, terrorism, rampant crime, killer diseases.  The list could go on and on. 

America has been the greatest nation in history.  It is still the best place to live despite all its problems.  But we—the majority—must awaken from our complacency and apathy and do what we can to get our nation back on the right track.  We need a moral and spiritual revolution. 

That doesn’t mean that we bully the bullies.  They have a right to be heard.  But once the majority votes a just decision, let that be the end of it.  The decision may need refined or amended from time to time, but let it be done in an orderly fashion and decently by the people and not through the courts. 

Of course, there will always be those who are never satisfied, no matter what. 


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